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Commercial / Consumer Claims Division

Gardener, Riechmann & Chow is a full service collection law firm, handling all collection problems. Our establishment provides specialized innovative solutions which maximize collections for our clients. We offer some of the most efficient, exhaustive methods in handling collection claims utilizing primarily attorneys, and highly trained secretaries, in order to provide clients with the best possible results.

We pride ourselves on the fact that you, our client, will have direct contact with our attorneys at all times. All calls go directly to the attorney handling your case. We have had this procedure since the inception of our firm and find we are able to expedite the handling of your case more efficiently due to these unique attributes.​

We represent both individuals and business establishments, many of which are Fortune 500 companies, in all industries including retail stores, banks, credit card & insurance companies, educational institutions, and other well-established business enterprises. 

We handle all aspects of the collection process, including telephone collection, skip-tracing, and all areas of litigation. We offer assistance in all creditor bankruptcy needs and lien procedures with the Secretary of State.

We offer specialized handling of claims, both telephonic and written demand, as well as follow up and negotiation, providing maximum recovery and security of all payment arrangements.

By using our law firm, you are assured of maximum professionalism and the greatest opportunity for recovery. Let us meet all of your collection needs. 

Our firm's policy of hiring the best and most experienced staff has enabled us to maintain the highest level of productivity.

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