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General Information

Gardener, Riechmann & Chow is a dedicated full service collection law firm providing assistance in the following areas. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time .

Practice Areas


- Los Angeles County



- Orange County

- Riverside County

- San Bernardino County

- San Diego County



Tools For Collection


​- Keeper Placement (in business)

​- Abstracts (for property liens)

- Accounts Receivable Levy

- Formal Demand Letters

- Debtor Examinations

- Wage Garnishment

​- Asset Search

- Skip Tracing

- Bank Levies




We pride ourselves on the fact that you, our client, will have direct contact with our attorneys, and that we do not at any time, screen calls. All calls go directly to the attorney handling your case. We have had this procedure since the inception of our firm and find we are able to expedite the handling of your case more efficiently.

Additionally, we will make demand upon the debtor, prior to filing a lawsuit in an attempt to come to a settlement/conclusion on an amicable basis, prior to instituting legal procedures.

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